New Term, New Year, New Tier

Happy New Year Everyone,
Welcome to your Music Lessons in 2021 style.
Lots of exciting things to come with the Piano Academy in 2021. We kick off on the 4th January with online 1.2.1 Piano Lessons and then Guitar students are scheduled to start back with Jason from the 11th January.
Lessons will follow the previous online format. You can access your lesson zoom link via the student portal. Simply click the "Log In" tab on the home page to gain access.
Coming soon... As I have made the decision to move forward with the Piano Academy in the new virtual world I am very happy to announce that I will be starting some new music courses in January for Music Theory.
These are going to bite size and small easy to understand sections. There will be a course for Primary School age, Teens and Parents so that everyone can get involved in learning how to translate and read music. It is just like unlocking a master puzzle and a great skill to have whatever instrument you choose to play.
Later in January I will also be launching Mini Mozart and Piano Star courses for the younger pianists out there. So watch this space...
Really looking forward to getting going with 2021 and reflecting back on 2020 for all its life lessons that it has taught us so far.
Stay safe everyone and thank you for your continued support

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