Covid 19 Risk Assesment

We have completed a COVID-19 risk assessment of our procedures and premises. We will be putting the new procedures in place over the next few weeks to enable us to reintroduce face-to-face teaching. However Online lessons are still available to students if preferred. Below is our risk assessment and recommended new ways of working. If you have any questions please speak to us as we really want to make it work and provide a happy and safe environment for students. 

Piano Academy: COVID-19 Risk Assessment  Updated on the 21st August 2020

Key principles:

Our aim of this risk assessment/guide is to protect people (students, teachers and family members) from harm should they are to receive music tuition from teachers at the Piano Academy Skegness.

Risk assessment Overview - We have identified what work activity or situations might cause transmission of the virus. We have considered who could be at risk and how likely it is that someone could be exposed. We will aim to remove any activities or situations, if it is not possible for us to control the risk.

We have created a procedure checklist to mitigate the risks of contamination before, between and after face-to-face lessons.

We will be contacting all parents/guardians and students to confirm that they are happy and agreeable to receiving face-to-face lessons with our new procedures and polices. Agreement should only be given if there is an acceptance that face to face tuition will never be entirely free of risk of contracting COVID-19 but with the reassurance that we have made all efforts to assess risks accurately and to take steps to minimise risks where identified.

Upon re-opening for face to face lessons we will not able to provide our previous seated waiting area, book/gift shop and reception services. Lesson appointments, attendance notes, cancellations, invoices and payments are all available on the student portal. Please speak to your teacher who will be happy to help you find your way around the new digital system. 

NB: This risk assessment is subject to change and will be reviewed on a daily basis. Any amendments will be communicated via the student portal, email and social media. 

Practical considerations of this risk assessing risk:

Overview: Student’s/Teacher’s health, whether there are other people within the household who could be at risk, how students travel to lessons, what happens when they arrive and depart, how we manage social distancing and how best to keep the teaching space and equipment clean and safe.

Students/Teachers & Their Household:

Before commencing face to face lessons parents/guardians/students/teachers will be asked to complete a health questionnaire about themselves and their household. Before every lesson we will need to check if there has been any change to this status.

Any student/teacher or household member who shows signs of COVID-19 symptoms or who has been asked to self-isolate by any government track and trace service must not attend a face-to-face lesson. In these circumstances we are happy to offer a catch up lesson/refund, even if cancelled without 24 hours notice. Alternatively you can elect to take your lesson online.

During travel to the lesson, if using public transport or taxis please ensure all safety measures are adopted at all times (eg protective screens between passengers and drivers).

To ensure no joint handling of materials such as books, pens, pencil’s etc. we politely request that all students attend lessons with their own stationary, sheet music and books. 

Lesson arrival and departure:

All face-to-face lessons will be by appointment only. All lessons will be staggered and scheduled 15 minutes apart with the exception of sibling lessons which will remain continuous.

Please arrive no more than 5 minutes before your lesson time. The main doors will be open however inner glass doors will be locked. Please ring the door bell and wait for your teacher to let you in and escort you to the lesson room. At the end of the lesson your teacher will escort you to the doors for departure. We politely request that parents/guardians are ready to collect younger students promptly after lessons.

Unfortunately we are unable to accommodate parents or adults accompanying children in to lessons due to limited space in lessons rooms.

Students are asked to minimise risk by only bringing into the lesson necessary equipment.

All students will be asked to complete hand washing and hand sanitising before and during lessons if required.

The length of time in contact with others is also considered a significant factor in COVID transmission risks. Due to this all lessons will be limited to a maximum of 45 minutes and should not be allowed to overrun.

Social distancing and face coverings:

The current government default in England remains two metres for 1.2.1 instrumental teachers. Wearing face coverings, protective visors, will be required during lessons. We will arrange the music rooms to maximise the distance between teacher and student. We are also looking into glass screens between instruments to reduce mask wearing.

Teaching space:

Each room will be sign posted to ensure social distancing rules are in place. During the lesson the route students will take across the space, as well as the teachers route during lessons will be considered to ensure an appropriate distance is maintained. The teacher will also manage access to entrances and exits.

We intend to minimise the physical points of contact that student can have in the teaching space. Only teachers should open and close doors and windows, or touch light switches, heating controls, etc. All contact surfaces and points will be thoroughly cleaned before and after lessons.

Washrooms will be cleaned by teachers thoroughly before and after each lesson. Teachers will also ensure that soap, sanitiser and disposable towels will be available at all times.

Musical activities and risk:

There is evidence to suggest that different instruments and activities carry different levels of coronavirus transmission risk. Government guidance does vary depending on the musical instrument and the risks associated with that musical activity.

Piano Lessons - Students will need to provide and wear a face covering. Students will play on a separate piano to the teacher at all times. The student piano will need to be digital due to the intense cleaning regime that will be required after each student.

Guitar Lessons - Students will need to provide and wear a face covering and must bring their own instrument to lessons, we are unable to loan instruments at this time.

Theory Lessons - Online Lesson will be available to help maintain social distance. 

Singing Lessons - Students will need to provide and wear a clear visor. Shared microphones will not be used in lessons at this time. When singing, a social distancing rule of 3 meters will apply, students will need to be none facing to teacher and the room must have ventilation. Due to the above guidelines we have decided that we can only offer Online Lesson at the moment for Singing.

"Singing is considered to be a risky activity in terms of potential COVID-19 transmission. The government appears to be taking a risk-averse approach in respect of singing at present. Brass and wind instruments are also considered at present to bear additional risks of transmission”.

AMENDMENT UPDATE: On 5 August the government confirmed via answer to a parliamentary question that ‘The teaching of singing, woodwind instruments, and brass instruments, including one-to-one instruction can take place in school and home environments, as long as the relevant guidance is followed’. Precautions should be taken to minimise the risk of transmission. These can

include arranging seating side-to-side or back-to-back, to avoid face-to-face. Members could consider using screens and barriers to further limit transmission risks.

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